Instrument Cluster Prototype

My Role

Visual Design, Icon Design, Animation, Prototyping


This exercise is intended to test various user interactions with instrument clusters using an interactive prototype model.

Instrument Cluster - Sketch
Instrument Cluster - Wireframe

The first step was to conceptualize the layout for how the user will simulate basic in-car controls. Once a rough sketch was settled on, the next task was to convert this to a digital outline using Adobe Illustrator.

Instrument Cluster - High-Fidelity Mockups

From there, I began creating the full color, high-fidelity mockups. Lastly, numerous screens were made to account for each animation and state of the process in Adobe XD.

Instrument Cluster - Prototype Mockups

The next steps will be developing the prototype to be less of a linear demo and more functional for a user. This would also help to run users through the interactions and gather feedback from the sessions.

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